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Ken Clark

August Featured Items

Oriental Limited "Powerhouse" USRA 2-8-8-2 N&W tender, Painted black,
not lettered,

Excellent in box $325

Athearn Genesis SP Mt-4 #4350 w/Sound/DCC $250

WSM (KTM) AC-12 4-8-8-2, can motor, cab detail, no tender, no box, $595


Coach Yard SP Passenger Cars (HO Scale)

Lark Pullman LW 10-5 Sleeper #100, Mint, Unpainted, $125

Lark Pullman LW 10-5 Sleeper #100, Mint, Unpainted, $125

Lark Pullman LW 4-4-2 Sleeper #200, Mint, Unpainted, $125

All three for $333

WSM Mk-10 2-8-2 custom painted Minarets & Western #103 $475

PFM Crown GN N-3 2-8-8-0 Factory paint, Very good condition, original
box 1974 run, $950

Red Caboose "O" Scale GP-9 kit, Southern Pacific, Scarlet & Gray,
Untouched ready to complete in original box, $175 (original list price

I have collected hundreds of brass, plastic, and wood models (HO,O,G
scales) , books china, videos, magazines of Western Railroads,
particularly the Southern Pacific, Rio Grande, logging railroads and
narrow gauge railroads. A small portion of the items are shown on my web
pages below. But I have hundred of similar items in my collection that I
haven't listed. E-mail me if you are looking for a particular item I
haven�ft listed yet.

2011 Sale list Railroad Models

2011 Sale list Railroadiana, Books, VHS Tapes, Magazines

I have a new e-mail address that Yahoo does not recognize,
Ken@... <mailto:Ken@...>

Kenneth R. Clark
P.O. Box 127054
San Diego, CA 92112

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