[HOsteam] A question about Beebe's "Mixed Train Daily"

Robert Deffinger

There are three pictures and not even two and a half pages of print about the Danville & Western in the book. Not very much for 368 page book. But..... it is a great
book none the less.
Hope this helps.
Bob D.

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Date: Fri, 12 Aug 2011 17:35:39 -0400
Subject: [HOsteam] A question about Beebe's "Mixed Train Daily"

Please forgive the cross-posting, but I'm trying to reach as many folks
as possible.

I think that Lucius Beebe's book "Mixed Train Daily" has some photos and
maybe extra info about the Danville & Western. I think that because I
have seen a handful of photos which say they're part of a collection to
be published in that book soon (the reference was printed ca. 1947).
Before I buy the book, can somebody who has their own copy at least
confirm that it contains some useful data for me? Ideally, I'd like to
be able to see the photos and compare them to those which I already
have. Most of what I have is on my web site at so you're welcome to compare for
yourself and avoid any copyright violation if you prefer.

So, how about it? Can anybody help? Please?

Kenneth Rickman
Salisbury, NC