RR Magazine Index


Some of you might not know this, but Accurail has a rather comprehensive
catalog of articles from the various model RR magazines dating back to 1933
and up to the present. Catalog was well thought out by a fellow named Jeff
Scherb. No pictures, but articles are listed by title and keyworded to allow
searching by subject. Site can be accessed by going to my club's web site
at: http://www.awol.homepage.com/new1.html and clicking on the Accurail
Links or at www.index.mrmag.com and clicking on model train mag index. NOw
you just have to find someone that has the issue that you are looking for.
My club has a complete library of MR and RMC dating clear back into the '60's
and scattered issues in some of the other mags. Let me know if there is an
article you are particularly interested in and we might be able to provide a
copy (for coping cost plus postage). Chief Jim