[HOsteam] Identify the shay

Ken Clark

Recently on eBay I bought a Class B two truck shay, wood cab, straight shack.
It didn't run, so I took it apart and found a large open frame motor,
flywheel and 8 wheel pickup. The motor does not have a name on it. Unlike
my other PFM shays, there is no United nameplate on the bottom. Could this
be a PFM flywheel class B-2 of the mid 50's? It isn't like any of the United
Shays shown in the Art of Brass Vol 2, however it appears to be the same as
the United B-2 Shay of 1955 shown in "PFM - 25 Years of Fine Models", except
with a straight stack. The picture from the ad is at:

Anyone confirm that it is the 1955-57 United B-2, Note it appears that the
railing on top of the tank has been removed and a block mounted on top of the
tender as an oil bunker.

thanks, ken