[HOsteam] Tread plate

Ken Clark

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<< Pet grumble of the moment. Why do model manufacturers persist in making the
running boards of their models with simulated chequer plate? >>

Because it's sexier. It's even worse in narrow gauge where ther have been
models with fancy see-through grating, when in the pictures of the prototypes
it just looks like a couple of boards hanging on for dear life. Trouble is
when a collector sees see through walkways on a diesel, they want it on the
model, frequently not caring whether it is correct.

A more important reason, the bulk of Steam models sales are of post WWII
engines, e.g after 1945. Models of the 1930's (and earlier) just haven't
sold as well. The WestSide Model Co. model of a turn of the Century SP
Harriman 4-6-2 , class P-1 was just such an example. For many years they
were hard to sell, even at a discount off list. WestSide imported the same
engine, but as it appeared after WWII. That model became scarce and was
worth two to three times the price of the P-1. Quality of both models was
similar, but the 'modern' steamer was far more desireable. And as you said,
the modern steam engine could have that fancy tread running board.