[HOsteam] Remotor Kit for Mantua Pacific

Ken Clark

I suppose I could measure current draw, but I don't really care how much current
the motor takes so long as it performs well.

Reducing current draw is one of the primary reasons for remotoring. From my experience with several hundred can and coreless motors, cutting the current draw in half reduces the wheel dirt accumulation rate to only a quarter; the inverse is easier to understand double the current, clean the wheels four times as much.
I had a small logging mallet equipped with a can motor and flywheels that was used as a yard switcher at our club layout (along with several Athearn switchers). The Athearn switchers had to be cleaned twice a day during our annual six day club show; the mallet never needed cleaning during the show. When I sold the engine to a friend the Trainmaster was ready to strangle me, it was his favorite engine.