Remotor Kit for Mantua Pacific

Starr, David <david.starr@...>

The Mantua parts dept just sent me their remotor kit. It is supposed to be a
"one size fits all" can motor upgrade for Mantua steamers. It contains a motor,
a cast motor mount, a worm and some wiring. No gear box. The instructions
boil down to "un screw the old motor, screw the new one in, solder on the power
leads. No machining, drilling, tapping or filing required."
I'm going to try it out soon. I though I'd make some performance measurements
"BEFORE" and "AFTER" to see if it's worth it. I was thinking of measuring
1. Slowest possible running speed (foot/sec, convert to smph with hand calc)
2. Top speed at 12 volts (same as above)
3. Starting Voltage (track voltage required to make the engine start from rest).
4. Amount of ballast added before wheels stop turning with engine stalled. (lbs)

I suppose I could measure current draw, but I don't really care how much current
the motor takes so long as it performs well.

I also got a set of spoked drivers and a Mantua parts catalog. The spokes
will make the Pacific look more B&Mish. The catalog contains exploded views and
assembly/disassembly instructions for just about every steamer Mantua ever made.

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