Fw: [Digitrax] Re: sad day for modelrailroading: RR went bankruptcy

Chris Shinn <cnshinn@...>

This was sent to the Digitrax List, and thought it appropriate to pass on
to you folk. It is unsubstantiated right now, but will alert you to the

Chris Shinn
Winnipeg, Canada

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Subject: [Digitrax] Re: sad day for modelrailroading: RR went bankruptcy

While I do not have any direct knowledge about this, from a reliable source
(Benedetto Sabatini) I received the some information on this subject,
expressed as a comment to the message I had read on this mailinglist
written by Stefano Curtarolo and which I had forwarded for comment to Mr.
Mr. Sabatini asked me to forward his reply to this mailinglist. Here it is:

RR went bankruptcy and closed its factory. Jouef and Arnold are planned
to follow soon. All the production of the group RR/Lima/Jouef/Arnold
should move to the Lima factory or in eastern countries.
(original italian:)
La rivarossi non � in bancarotta, ha cambiato propriet�. E il nuovo padrone
non ha intenzione di pagare l'affitto per uno stabilimento con 57 persone
quando a vicenza ne ha uno da 450 occupato da 120.
probabilemtne anche lo stabilimento Jouef chiuder�, ma non sembra, per ora,
che la stessa cosa tocchi ai crucchi.
Per i fermodellisti dovrebbe cambiuare poco. Per le 57 persone che ci
lavoravano molto (sono a casa, quadri compresi)

(english translation (by me, Stefano Chiti-Batelli):)
RR (Rivarossi) has not gone bankrupt, it did change ownership. The new owner
does not intend to pay the rent for a production place housing 57 people,
while in Vicenza [a different italian town] he already has one capable of
hosting 450 workers but currently emplying only 120 people.
Probably also the Jouef production place is going to close, however, the
same fate does not seem to apply for the germans [Arnold].
As far as modelrailroaders are concerned, this shall imply only little
changes, if any. For the 57 workers, on the contrary, a lot shall change
(they are at home, including "middle level" workers).


Please understand: I have no intention of being polemic.
I just wanted to provide a piece of information - as far as I know a true
piece of information.

Best regards,

Stefano Chiti-Batelli