[HOsteam] new magazine?

George Gilbert <grgilbert@...>

Sounds interesting. If you do it I would try a subscription. I don't know
of any other publications that concentrate on the early era railroading.

My personal modeling interests range from the 1880's through the mid 1920's,
principally shortline RR's both narrow and standard guage. I have found and
subscribed to several good narrow guage magazines ( the NG&SLG of course,
and this year I found Gary Kohler's Light Iron Digest) but I cannot think of
anything concentrating on early steam era standard guage railroads.

I think there is a lot of potential for building "home sized" model railroad
in these earlier periods. A little mogul pulling 6 cars ( 36ft) and a
caboose looks a lot more convincing on a small layout than a Geep anything
trying to look busy pulling 6 ( 40 or 50 footers) cars on the same size
small layout.

I think with that era as a focus you should probably concentrate on
standard guage, but you could easily range from little shortlines to the
mainlines. I think it would be a mistake to do much narrow guage since
there are already several good narrow guage publications.

I would be willing to help. I have had an article published in RMC on my
ET&WNC piggyback car. This year I have written a kit review and loco
painting article for Gary Kohler's new magazine Light Iron Digest. I have
a clinic on building a 34ft boxcar that would convert into a magazine
article fairly easily. I have also done a couple of locomotive projects
that I could write about.

George Gilbert

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I'm trying to determine the level of interest for a magazine
to modeling American railroading from its beginning until WWII, no
matter what scale, gauge, or prototype you model.
If you'd be interested in such a magazine please drop me a line
what kind of material you'd want to see, and be sure and tell me if
you'd be willing and able to contribute an article.

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Brad Bourbina <bbbourb@...>

I'm game for that also...I'm becoming somewhat disillusioned with MR lately...I'd try anything new as long as it didn't cost me 40 bucks a year...

Brad Bourbina
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I am certainly interersted. A typical article might be on the construction of
a big steam era roundhouse with prototype photos and modeling tips included.
I am a scratchbuider, and not a buyer of expensive things I can build myself
with some effort.
Don Lewis
Dixon, Illinois

Charles Lee <charflee@...>

I would be interested. Particular interest is 1880 - 1910. I like writing,
but have never written an article.
Charles Lee
Roseburg, Oregon

justfrome <justjim@...>

Hi guys and gals, I'm fairly new to the group and have been quietly sitting in
the background reading the many questions and answers and other posts that to
relate to our wonderful hobby. I thought over the pros and cons of a new
magazine dedicated just for steam lovers and you have my vote for a very
successful venture. My own personal layout has been in numerous crates for the
past many years and if things really go well, it should be started in the next
few months. I intend to model in the early 1920's with the possible rambling of
time as far up as the 1930's. Let's get that magazine up and running and we can
all share in the glory that was steam. -justjim-

Charles Lee wrote:

I would be interested. Particular interest is 1880 - 1910. I like writing,
but have never written an article.
Charles Lee
Roseburg, Oregon

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