HO steam

Brad Collins <steam@...>

I am a new member on the list, and have mainly come here due to my
large interest in steam, and in HO steam.

In a reply to a recent string of messages, 2 Big Boys will run on an
inner 15", and an outer 18" (with the correct spacing between track)
without touching each other. I did that test about 5 min ago.
Personally I think that 15" should have never been invented, and even
18" is quite useless. Normally I run 22", with a few bits of 18".

I run British OO and American HO, with everything from A4's to
Garratts, as well as the mentioned Big Boys.

I am an avid proclaimer of modern steam, with a cab forward 4-10-4 +
4-10-4 in the works, eventually a model will be made.

I am building a PRR S1 6-4-4-6 in Sn3.5 scale. Yes I am well aware
that it ran on normal track, but for my first brass loco, I decided
to cheat a bit. Anyway, it is almost finished, in undercoat right now.

So I have quite a wide range of steam interests, where else can you
see a double headed 2-6-6-2, and 2-4-4-2, struggling up a 1 in 10
grade, with at the same time, the Mallard is coming past on the
mainline, with a 8 coach express, passing a Big Boy with a 60 car
train going the other way?