[HOsteam] Picking the ideal plastic model steamer

Ken Clark

If the goal is to pick a universally attractive engine, that would fit on
almost any home or club layout, and have some desireability, I have a first

A Baldwin 90 ton Mikado.

These engines were favorites of shortlines and logging railroads, their small
wheelbase makes model curves negotiable, yet they are large enough to pull an
appropriate train. With real railroad names like Weyerhauser, McCloud River,
Sierra, a few that come to mind on the West Coast, they would have name
recognition and could be offered for a variety of railroads. Many of these
engines still exist and the most interesting part, they haven't been produced
in brass. I have three USRA light mikados that would be gone if I could have
equally nice 90 ton mikados.

my two cents for the day,