[HOsteam] Future of the "plastic" steam models.

Brad Bourbina <bbbourb@...>

And I await with bated breath the release/arrival of the Rivarossi
2-6-6-6 Allegheney! WHOOO-ha what a monster!

Brad Bourbina

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Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2000 18:12:28 -0600

I would say that LifeLike and Bachmann will probably stick to more
"generic" loco's, at least for a couple more years as interest in steam
picks up again. They will probably keep bringing out USRA models,
or like the Spectrum Decapod soon to be released, loco's that saw
heavy use but haven't been made available except in brass.

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marshall <zephyr03@...>

Leo Pesce wrote:

From: Leo Pesce <leo@sco.com>

Hello all,

I have been away for a while from all the latest news about new and
products. So I will ask here.

Is there any information on the new P2K engine?

Due to a high visibility being known to the world, would you say a P2K/Roco
GS4 (Southern Pacific Northern 4-8-4 in Daylight, American Freedom, San
and Black Commuter) would not be out of the question?

Here is an engine that can take four color schemes, not many can say the
From a manufacturer point of view, as steam engines are concerned, this is
great. Except for the USRAs, most engines are always very railroad specific
in looks, appliances and colors. Of course a lot of them have the so called
"Fantasy Schemes", but that should be relegated to the toy section, not to
$100-200 engines.

Any comments?
Yeah - if you did the GS-5 instead, you could do all of the above
(except the Freedom Train) and add the Western Pacific's 48X class -

Actually, a lot more railroads had 74"-drivered 4-8-4s than those with
80" . . . and the CRI&P R-67 served as the design basis for a number of
engines on different roads. If Bachmann had stuck to their original
announcement about the 2-8-0, with interchangeable stacks, domes, cabs,
etc., you could cover around a dozen roads from the R-67 . . .