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Greetings all,

I went to the big city today and finally saw the famed P2K color flyer, a
big 4 page color spread. I am afraid I was not allowed to borrow it to
:-( I think "Wow" sums things up nicely. A previous post mentioned that
you'd need paper towels to clean up the drool after looking at this
engine -
this is not an exaggeration. It looks to me like this engine will be up to
the standard Roco has set with its most recent steam engine models.

The flyer pictures a N&W locomotive. The headlight is mounted on the pilot
on top of the steam exhaust pipe between the front cylinders - which is
correct for a N&W Y3 later on in its life. The engine had a road pilot, if
you want to use the model as a heavy switcher or transfer loco you'll have
to install a foot board pilot yourself. The rods and valve gear look very
nice, as do the drivers. There is a lot of nice separate pipe work and
lines. Cab detail is great too, with red cab window frames and mullions
what looks like printed or decal gauge faces. The tender looks good too
very nice 6 wheel trucks and brakeman's doghouse.

If this engine's running qualities live up to what is said in the flyer -
with a 3 to 65 smph (a little too fast for a compound) this engine is a
value at $375 suggested retail. Steam fans should rejoice... hopefully
is the first of many P2K steam locomotives.
Skvt the Viking King