Little Mallets

Nelson Kennedy <nelsonk@...

The brief discussion that we had yesterday about Mallets sent me home
looking for a picture of the Taupo Totara Timber Company 2-4-4-2 that I
mentioned as being high on the 'cute' list. I couldn't find a picture that
was suitable for scanning.

Can I ask if one of the other NZ listers (I know there are some here!) has
an image of that loco that they might upload it to the shared files area
for us to see.

And I have a challenge.

When we think of Mallet we usually think of massive machinery, huh? My
challenge is 'who can come up with an image of the smallest Mallet?' and
upload it to the shared files area for us to look at.

What's this got to do with HO? Well, they are all potential subjects for
modelling. The TTT 2-4-4-2 has been done here in Sn3.5 to run on HO track
(correct scale to gauge relationship). It featured in MR many moons ago -
back in the days before colour pictures in MR. I think small artics have a
charm of their own.

Nelson Kennedy, Christchurch, New Zealand
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