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From: Thomas Beutel <Thomas.Beutel@efi.com>
Bachmann's 4-4-0, IHC's 4-4-0, and Mantua's
4-6-0 come to mind.
I assume this is the Mantua #337008 in the Walthers 99 catalogue?

Do you also mean the Bachmann American type 4-4-0? A late 1800s design.

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From: Nelson Kennedy <nelsonk@chch.planet.org.nz>
I noted that member number 42 signed up this morning. The answer to life?
the universe? Any other 'hitchhiker' fans out there?
I did like the original radio series, but IMHO he is not a great writer and
the last book rather pulled the rug out from under the raison d �tre of the
series. I hate that so much, froth, froth, foam, rant and rage <g>.

BTW trying to log on to the shared files and I keep getting a cookie error.
Queries that the date on my computer may be wrong. It isn't, I checked.
Though it might be something to do with being ahead of you guys in time
Ashley Rachel Pollard

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