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Don't forget the IHC 2-6-0... This is an SP M-4, and two M-4's were used by
NWP as well. Clover House has NWP steam decals.

NWP rostered a large number of 4-4-0's and 4-6-0's that could be well
represented by available models. Bachmann's 4-4-0, IHC's 4-4-0, and Mantua's
4-6-0 come to mind.

Thomas Beutel

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Thank you to everyone who replied. I will now go away and find out more
about the 0-6-0 S-8, 4-6-0 T-28, 2-8-0 C-3 prototypes.

I'm trying to model Santa Rosa circa the 1940s and want to feature the P&SR
interurban line. So I'm looking for models of SP/NWP steam appropriate for
the time. However, I'm not sure my modelling skills are up to building the
MDC models, but I might buy one after checking stuff out, and see how it
Ashley Rachel Pollard

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