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Does anybody know how accurate the SP steam engines are that MDC sell?

In particular:

All are representations of SP types but are not accurate in many repsects.
The new 2-8-0 models with the can motor run well and overall these kits
though crude in many respects to detail are a good buy. I'm not sure if the
ten Wheeler and the 0-6-0 have the can motor also...check MDCs web page.
The 2-8-0 is based on the earlier Harriman types but have 63" diameter
drivers which are too big. The ten Wheeler is the same boiler as the 2-8-0
and is ok but I believe the drivers are too big again and wheelbase is
off(?)The 0-6-0 doesn't have the right valve gear but I think there is
still an upgrade available(?)
Ashley -

The MDC 0-6-0 has *no* valve gear - D-valve square steam chests.
Kemtron made a prototypical piston-valve replacement saddle with a
really exquisite valve gear . . . it may still be available from PSC.

As is, the MDC 0-6-0 makes a really good start for the Rock Island's
S-29, withinside piston valves - just a little plastic surgery . . . but
that won't help an SP fan much <giggle> . . .


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