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Ken Clark

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Fishing shops may also carry forms for casting lead sinkers. I converted
one that made round sinkers into a form for casting similar 1/2 ounce
cylindrical slugs for weighting cars. The key was to mill the forms top
bottom halves flat on the inside to produce a slug with flat sides.
The aluminum mold was made by:
DO-IT Industries
3624 Logan Ave
Waterloo, Iowa

This is cast on the mold which I purchased at least 20 years ago.

Type - Round Flat Sinkers 9/16 oz.
Model - RFS-8-916

Also Cast on the mold.

The mold also casts a lead eye onto the sinker. removing the tab produces a
slug just a little over 1/2 ounce. Until the mold starts to heat up with
casting lead, the metal does not flow completely into all molds. I use the
partially formed slugs as fractional weight, or throw them back into the pot.


about as far southwest as you can get and stay dry

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