Re: [HOsteam] Athearn Mike - Adding weight


I've done the car weight thing (still have about 500# here in the garage
someplace. Nasty stuff when you melt it down. Fumes can be toxic and if the
molds are cold, you get a lot of mis-pours. Life got simplier when I started
using lead shot (now steel) inside of tank cars (inserted through a small
hole drilled in the under frame). I also use the shot between the frame
rails on flatcars. For other applications where they can be hidden, my club
came across something called Tape-A-Weight. These are weights that the tire
people are now using to balance your car's wheels. They are approximately
1/2'' x 3/8'' x 1/8" with an adhesive backing already applied. They come in
strips of eight and each one weights 1/4 oz each. We bought a whole box
(enough to do a whole fleet of rolling stock) from a local tire shop for less
than $30.00. They aren't the only solution, but they seem to work well in
most applications, even hidden under loads in gons, inside of boxcars and
covered hoppers. They are worth giving a try. Chief Jim

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