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What did you use for the mold for the car weights? I am interested in making these as well

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A couple more thoughs on adding weight. I make lead Slugs by drilling holes
in 1/4" masonite using a wood bit, you can make several different diameters
using the standard drill bit sizes, or custom fit by using an adjustable wood
drill bit. I then place the masonite form on another smooth sheet of
masonite (1/4" sheet aluminum would be even better) and then pour lead into
the holes. I can then assemble the weights in the boiler, glued with a
little Goo into any length needed.

Fishing shops may also carry forms for casting lead sinkers. I converted
one that made round sinkers into a form for casting similar 1/2 ounce
cylindrical slugs for weighting cars. The key was to mill the forms top and
bottom halves flat on the inside to produce a slug with flat sides. Fishing
tackle shops used to carry lead pots for melting lead, basically a cast metal
ladle with a heating element in the middle, they were made in sizes like 2.5
and 5 pounds (I believe). I have had mine for 22 years, they may have been
pulled from the market due to lead scares.

I had a friend who ran a brake shop and he used to give me buckets of old
lead weights. They had a lot of contaminants from the cars and brakes and
would form a nasty slag on the top. After scooping the "slag' off you had a
lead alloy ready to pour. Note wheel weights are harder than pure lead and
much harder to mill into shape after pouring. I used them mainly for making
the 1/2 ounce car weights.


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