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This is why SP's big AC's were "articulated consolidations" as opposed to
true Mallets, which reuse the steam for the second set of drivers, correct?
Yep, that's how a compound works. High pressure from the boiler to one
engine and the exhausted lower pressue to the other. That raises a
question for me - how did the loco deal with any imbalance of supply from
one set of cylinders to the other? Were they designed so there would
always be a surplus of steam from the exhausts of the high pressure
cylinders with any excess being vented to the atmosphere once the inlet
valve had closed?

Were the Garratts classified as simple articulateds as well?
The New Zealand ones certainly were and I don't know of any compound
Garrats. Maybe they would have been Mallets if they were compound or was
the term mallet reserved for two engines following 'elephant style'. I
think the norm for Garratts was 'back to back' style.

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