Re: Roundhouse MDC Models

Leonello Pesce <leo@...>

Kemtron, a long time ago, offered a valve gear for the MDC 0-6-0,
The Kemtron line now is under the Precision Scale Co. and after
checking the 98 Walthers catalog, I found the kit.
#585-31528 Walschaerts, for MDC 0-6-0 $12.75
#585-31193 Modern Block (cylinders) w/ guides, for MDC 0-6-0 (5 pieces)

Whether they are still in production or available, it is another question.


From: "Stefan" <>
off(?)The 0-6-0 doesn't have the right valve gear but I think there is
still an upgrade available(?)
Best regards

Stefan Lerche'

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