Re: End of the Road for Yahoo Groups

Doug Harris

On 14/10/2020 10:23, Ed via wrote:
Hi Ken --
I am sad to say that this means I will no longer be able to access this collective wisdom after Dec 15. It's a choice I make because of my firm opposition to Facebook and Google and all their spawn. I treasure my privacy -- shoveling against the tide -- in this era of Orwellian data harvesting, hacking vulnerability and cyber crime.
With apologies for the rant and thanks for all your help, I will raise a glass of champagne to y'all on December 15!
Ed aka "Grandpa"
Hi Ed and all.

This is somewhat off core, but very relevant to our members and groups.

I have the same real distaste for Faceache - wouldn't touch them with a sterilised teenager, but Google is a great, wide-field assistance and advisory on any topic you care to name. Very, very useful and ultra inexpensive.. And you can control them.

In fact in the number of years which I have been using them, they have never missed providing an answer for me, on anything. That was, until last night when I queried a Dave Brubeck concert in Germany around 1960 to find information on the person to whom the concert was apparently dedicated. They *admitted* that they could not find *any* information!

(I hitchhiked 200 miles to hear Dave in Wellington, New Zealand about 1962, and I actually shook hands with him after the concert! Sorry - but how's that's really off- topic!)

OK - back to my overnight train groups and emails.. And Thanks Auditor..

(Firefox is great, too..)

Doug Harris
Cambridge, New Zealand

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