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Another update on Resistance soldering equipment available for use by the model railroader.

  Previous discussions have been about products marketed by Contact Inc. (Hotip, PBL) for the electronics industry, Triton (Hotlips) for the automotive repair industry

and American Beauty for both and also plumbing, etc...  American Beauty has the widest product lineup, but many modelers,  like me, started with Hotip units.

  However in recent years there has been another company providing Resistance Soldering units to modelers, Micro Mark. https://www.micromark.com/Resistance-Soldering-Unit

Their product line is somewhat deceptive as their basic starter unit is a Triton Hotlips transformer with some knockoff disposable tweezers.  Their better quality RS products however

are rebadged American Beauty products that aren't really usable with their low end Triton clone.  Both Hotip and American Beauty transformers produce about 3 volts AC at max output

for the lower wattage units modelers select.  Both brands have adjustable power outputs with either five position switches or variable transformers.  The Triton and basic Micro Mark unit

have a low voltage tap (about 3 volts) and a high voltage tap (just over 6 volts).  Triton transformers are designed for use with the Hotlips tweezers with carbon electrodes (ergonomic design).

Micro Mark doesn't offer the Hotlips tweezers, although they are much better built than their disposable tweezers with all parts replaceable.

Recently I acquired Triton Hotlips tweezers along with American Beauty handpieces, but soon found that they don't work well with lower power AB and Hotip transformers which produce only about 3 volts max.

I am looking at adapting new electrodes to the Hotlips tweezers, using brass electrode holders and tungsten  rods to make them work well around 3 volts instead of only at 6 volts.  But that is in the future and I have

 too many in stock now. 

So for owners of the Triton and Mico Mark RS units with 6 volt high tap outputs, I am offering used Triton Hotlips tweezers with carbon electrodes in working condition for $50 plus shipping.  These are the handpieces originally

designed for these transformers.

ken clark


 Bonus tip for owners of the AB 10541 soldering tweezers, Tungsten 2mm welding rod (on right above) can be used to replace the AB copper clad stainless steel electrodes at a tremendous cost savings (about 25 cents per electrode)

I just got an assortment of tungsten welding rods for the AB handpieces and will include a pair of electrodes with each AB handpiece  I sell.

ken clark
HO and Sn42

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