Re: Broadway Limited 1st vs 2nd run HO NYC J1e Hudsons

Dave Horn

Interesting.  Thanks.  Perhaps the issues mentioned led to the second run of the initial Paragon (QSI Quantum) J1e's.  They sounded pretty severe not to have been addressed.
Broadway Limited Imports Discontinued Item List

Paragon NYC J1e (1st run)  
001 NYC J1e Hudson #5344 $    279.99
002 NYC J1e Hudson  #5343 $    279.99
Through #22

Paragon NYC Hudson J1e/d (2nd run - 2005)  
060 NYC J1e Hudson, #5319 w/ Roman lettering, Sound, DC/DCC, HO $    329.99
061 NYC J1e Hudson, #5335 w/ block lettering, Sound, DC/DCC, HO $   329.99
Through #74

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