Re: Steam electrical connector

Wayne Long

On 6/10/2020 2:18 PM, Paul Champlin wrote:
What is your favorite electrical connector to tie the tender and the locomotive together?

I make electrical connections between the locomotive and its tender in either of 2 ways:

1. My preferred way is with any locomotive whose prototype used a mechanical stoker.  I use a length of 1/8" OD tubing to represent the stoker tube and run as many as 6 wires through it.  Of course, the tender cannot be uncoupled from the locomotive even if the draw bar is dropped.  I have had few occasions when the tender needed to be separated.  The trick is to make one or both round openings (where the tubing goes into the locomotive and tender) large enough so that the tubing does not derail the tender on sharp curves.  I use prototypically close coupling of the tender to its locomotive.

2. My other method is to use a matched pair of mini connectors with the female side mounted in an opening in the front of the tender, usually below the coal deck.  With the wires between the cab and the tender painted black, it does not look too bad.

An aside:  I have one of the Proto 0-6-0 switchers which came from the factory with a multi wire connector between the locomotive and the tender.  This connector substitutes for the usual draw bar.   If I could buy a few of their connectors, I would use them on locomotives with out mechanical stokers.


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