Re: Mini-Lathe For Work on Brass/Diecast Loco Frames and Parts

Victor Bitleris

It looks like it is plastic and it calls itself a wood turning lathe.  Yes, it says metal grinding, which probably means you can put a grinding wheel or grinding tool (like Dremel) and grind metal to sharpen chisels and drill bits.  But I doubt it would hold up much for metal milling.  You would be better off with a Harbor Freight table top drill press for milling.  Yes, drill presses aren't made for milling, but should be fine for the kind of work we do.
Just my 2 cents.  I also have a Taig and the milling attachment, but that doesn't mean it is an easy job, you still have to use the file to finish it off.

Vic Bitleris Raleigh, NC

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Hi All --

In order to re-power a couple of old diecast locomotives, I need to change the geared axle from the rearmost to the front or maybe middle driver axle.

That would involve opening up a slot for a gearbox in a new position as seen in the image below. So, my question is... does anyone think this hobbyist  multi tool would be able to do the job cleanly and accurately enough?

I don't suppose

Many thanks for your thoughts.

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