Re: Remotoring WSM articulateds.

John Hagen

Not only are they articulated but they are basically diesels dressed up to look like a steam engine. The rear engine, which is rigid in the prototype and on almost all brass and all Bowser Challengers and Big Boys. Starting with the AHM/Rivarossi articulateds, it seems all “modern” articulated models have rear engines swivel just like they do on a diesel, a set up that would be impossible on the prototypes. I’ve been told I am a throwback to the dark ages but I always believed that prototype is prototype and not prototype is, well, not per a true prototype. I do understand the reasoning behind all the foolbies out there but any reference to these models should clearly state what makes the model unworkable as a prototype. To those who claim it really isn’t that noticeable obviously never looked at one on a curve.

So far as your situation, while a Trix (Athearn, Rivarossi or whatever plastic articulated except Mantua’s 2-6-6-2) Big Boy will negotiate a 30” radius curve, if someone were to bring down his/her highly detailed (and very expensive) brass Big boy, he (or she) just may not be able to run it.

For what it’s worth.

John Hagen


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I absolutely would like to see this web page created.. your web page is one of my favorites.   One question re the 36" radius requirement...Our club regularly runs Big Boys (Trix ) through 30" curves with no running problems at all.  I don't know if any of the drivers are blind but I can easily find out.  And I can measure the lateral "play" also.  I also run an Westside 4-4-6-4 thru the same 30" curves (I removed the cab-to-tender short failure mode) without any running problems although I do worry about excessive wear on the gear train.  But the 4-4-6-4 is a uni-frame whereas the big boys and the 4-8-8-2s  are articulated (aren't they?).  


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