Remotoring WSM articulateds.



  I've been thinking about creating a web page on upgrading a WSM ESPEE AC-4 4-8-8-2.  As delivered these models had the following 'faults'

  • Required large radius curves, greater than 36"
  • Had a large open frame motor with higher current draw
  • Had the longer AC-6 cab which was noticeable when parked next to newer AC-4s like the BLI AC-4s
  • Had a somewhat noisy drive train with flimsy bearing support and half a universal
  • When lifted off the track the articulated engine would disconnect from the drive train to the rigid engine.

The web page would show how I overcame all five issues.

If there is interest I will also show how this is the easiest WSM/KTM 4-8-8-2 to convert to double motors.

Would this be of interest to any on the list?

ken clark

ken clark
HO and Sn42

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