Re: My Camelback HO Locomotives.


Some other camelbacks I photographed yesterday on my sons layout
This is a Aristo-Craft CNJ 4-6-0 camelback. It is all die cast white metal and was prone to corrosion. his is one of my engines. it is one of two the are still operating.

A second view of the Aristo 4-6-0. next is a CNJ K1 4-8-0 scratch built by my son Steve. Next a second look at the CNK K1 with the Aristo 4-6-0 behind it. next is a stock Mantua 2-8-0 in Reading paint. After that a kitbashed 2-8-0 camelback one of My sons locos. Another of Steve's Locs a 2-6-0 camelback he kitbashed. 

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