Re: My Camelback HO Locomotives.

John Hagen


I am enjoying your series on Camelback locos immensely. You have a good models eye.

Thank you so much for posting all the photos.


Looks like Mantua did a decent job of duplicating the LV prototype, not always Mantua’s strong point.

I love Mantua steamers as inexpensive, great runners, reliable as a 2X4 and looked, well, locomotive like.

They were what they were and could be put on the rails and run. For the more discriminating modeler they were easy and enjoyable to add detail to match a more specific prototype.

How far you went with it was totally up to you. They were a part of “Model railroading is fun.”

John Hagen


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Last of the Camelbacks I have that are complete and running is a pair of the Mantua Pacific Camelback's. The Mantua pacific camelback is a Lehigh Valley Prototype and LV is the only company to run them. They were the Lehigh Valley K1 class.


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