Re: My Camelback HO Locomotives.


As this thread is now I haven't posted another type of 0-4-0 camelback. This would  be a mainly white metal cast type with some brass details. Brass on this one is used for the fireman's shelter, smoke stack, sand dome, bell  fireman's platform and air tanks. There are two different types of tenders. The Ho Train Co, (GHC) used a all cast metal slope back tender. Another company maybe Aristo-Craft or IMP had a all brass camelback tender and a different type smoke stack.  I have a CHAMP train set that uses the 0-4-0 camelback with a funnel shaped smoke stack and the brass tender also. All of the 0-4-0 camelbacks I speak of here are made by the New One Toy Company of Japan.

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