Re: My Camelback HO Locomotives.


*The next one is another scratchbuilt 4-4-0 camelback. This one is a Central Railroad of New Jersey #172 which is a loco rebuilt at the Ashley shops using the frame taken from a old Baldwin 4-4-0 #172 delivered in 6-1882, and is listed as being a locomotive rebuilt from 4-4-0 #172. This rebuild took place when the original Baldwin was 16 years old and was completed 6-1898. During this rebuild the only thing remaining from Baldwin 172 was it's frame and its cylinders, even its drivers were changed from 68" to 69". It went from a wagon top boiler to a Wooten boiler. In 1899 it was renumbered #545, In 1903 it was renumbered again to #567. Latter on it became class D4. IN 5-1909 it was rebuilt again this time at E-Port where its weight increased 4,600 lbs and its crosshead was changed from 4 guide to alligator. It was disassembled on 12-1925 at E-Port. On my road this last item never happened.

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