Re: Aristo-Craft Ho steam Locomotives ( the diecast white metal ones.)

Wayne Long

On 5/21/2019 4:57 PM, Walter Davis wrote:

I used to work at The Hobby Shop in Cameron Village, Raleigh NC in the 1960's and we sold these locomotives.  They were quite beautiful, but they seldom ran, or ran very poorly.  They were cheap back then $20.00 to $30.00 and most bought them for shelf locos.  I wish I had bought some back in the 60's.  Like I said, they were beautiful little engines.

Interesting account.

Back in 1964, I bought an Aristo 4-8-2 from a hobby shop in Greenville, SC.  Some one ordered it and never came by to pick it up.  I think I paid $25.00 for it.

My Aristo actually ran on my small layout.  When I moved and built a larger layout, this 4-8-2 could pull all the cars I had at the time up a 2.5% grade and not slip. Its cast metal boiler was heavy over the drivers.  Its appearance was never satisfactory, though.  I still have the loco but I don't run it.  It has been replaced by an IHC 4-8-2 that I custom detailed.  This IHC loco can pull almost as well as the Aristo Loco.

Wayne Long

On 5/21/2019 9:04 AM, toptrain2100 via Groups.Io wrote:

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Aristo-Craft sold a line of HO steam locomotives that were made in Japan by The New One Model Toy company. This was a importing, distribution, and sales company for these made in Japan HO steam locomotives. Information on this line of trains and just about all other is "Hoseeker". Which can easily be searched and viewed on line. They had 2 Aristo-Craft catalogs to view online. A 1958 catalog which covered their then line of HO locomotives all of which were either early brass locos from Japan of the Rivarossi line of steam locomotives with plastic bodies. Hoseeker also has the Aristo-Craft 1962 catalog on view which covers this line of die Cast white metal locomotives that I speak of here. Now I have the 1963 catalog which they, Hoseeker does not have. It shows the same line of trains as does the 1962 catalog but displayed in this catalog differently. I don't have a complete set of Model railroader magazines, but do have 2 important issues they being November 1961 page 13, and December 1961 page 23. The November ad show the complete line of locomotive types but not all road names the locos were available in. The December add only shows 9 locomotives. 12 different locomotives make up this line. A CB&Q 0-4-0 switcher with a small slope back tender is the littlest. Next would be the 0-6-0t saddle tank locomotive. Ths loco was made in different road names. The 2 I have are PRR and B&O. The next is a rare bird of a locomotive, The Philadelphia and Reading 4-2-2 "Bicycle" locomotive. The next another rare type is the 2-4-2 Columbia. It is letterend for the Baldwin Locomotive Company as it was the first of its type made and lettered this way for display at the current World's Fair, the 1893 Columbian Exposition that gave its name to this type wheel arrangement. Next is the Rogers 2-6-0, another old timer which with always the identical locomotive only the road name on the tender was different. I know of  5 different road names.  The Philadelphia and Reading, the Chicago and Rock Island, Camden and Amboy, UP and CP. The next would be a 0-8-0 type made for the Ashland Coal and Iron Company. after this one is a 2-8-0 type of the New York, New Haven, and Hartford RR. After this one is the last with a 2 wheel lead truck the Mikado 2-8-2 The Frisco in four road numbers i know of 4005, 4013, 4028, 4105. Other locos with 4 wheel lead trucks are the Atlantic 4-4-2 type in B&O maybe other road names for this locomotive was also sold by the HO train Co. Then a 4-6-0 ten wheeler the Royal Blue of the B&O. A second different 4-6-0 with a larger boiler also in B&) and ICRR. Last is the Mountain type 4-8-2. I have it in New Haven RR and seen it in C&O. These locomotives were sold from 1961 to 1967 and still available after that till the supply on hand ran out.

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