Re: Drivers


Thanks for the information guys but I do not want to have traction tires on any loco on the layout, they do cause problems with keeping the track clean, and I my opinion somewhat stress out the drive train but that is only my opinion.   I have contacted BLI and they do not have any replacements have been in touch with them on several occasions.   I do have three of the earlier 2-10-2's but the bearings are different from the later versions.    (Pictures attached the set on the left is from the first run the set on the right is from the second) I don't want to use bullfrog snot either as that is just replacing one method with another, the aim being to have normal tread drivers on all axles.   With 3 of the earlier versions and six of the later 2-10-2's I need to be able to get all of them without traction tires, why BLI did not include a non traction tired driver with the second run is beyond my ken.   It would have been the obvious thing to do given the fact they did it on the first run.   I have also been in touch with Greenway products and Bowser but neither of those seem to be able to help at the moment.   It now seems I am at a point where there is no viable solution in regard to this.   I may have to just bit the bullet and get hold of some replacement traction tires from BLI, and then sell off the ones I don't need.


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