Has Yahoo Groups kicked me out?

Ken Clark

I just attempted to reply to a post on a Yahoo groups list by using the website to search the archives.
However when I log into the website I am asked to change my e-mail address to Yahoo mail.
I already have a Yahoo mail account I do not use so I don't need another  Yahoo mail account.
I am allowed to log in to Yahoo but when I go to Groups.  I am no longer a member of any Groups.

I can find the groups by browsing the Groups list, but I have to rejoin the groups in order to see any
archives.  The lists I still visit on Yahoo Groups fall into three categories:
    Lists that are loyal to Yahoo Groups and have so far refused to move to Facebook, Google Groups, or groups.io
    Lists that have moved to groups.io or Facebook and from which I receive individual messages or Daily Digests.
    Lists that I own or share ownership and that I moved from YG to groups.io and for which I shut down the old YG lists
           to new posts  (twelve lists).

Over 20 lists on YG are affected (all the lists to which I had subscribed).  If this lost of ownership is widespread, 
then this will end lists leaving YG for groups.io, Google Groups, or facebook Groups.  
FWIW I have taken the Oath Pledge three times and until today I was having normal access to my lists on Yahoo Groups.
But admittedly this was mostly reading e-mails, I had not attempted to use admin functions on the YG website.

have no idea the duration of this interruption, or if it temporary or permanent.  If anyone is trying to transfer a list
from YG, this could be a major problem.

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