The end of the line for Grandt Line


Grandt Line is calling it quits.

Over the years I have used their  universals, gears, and even a motor or two in a variety of projects

and built many kits using their detail parts.  I once worked in a hobby shop and once a month we did a Grandt Line

inventory with a distributor who carried their full line in the trunk of his large sedan.  Almost every scale I owned

had some Grandt parts that were usable.

I have an On3 RGS 3 truck brass Goose with a Grandt replacement drive.  It runs great but one driver wheel is slightly off-center

so it 'wobbles' down the track.  I was running it on a friend's large O/On3 layout when the Grandt's happened to

visit, and they told me to wirte them and they would send me a replacement geared driver.  About the same time I visited

the Colorado Railroad Museum during an 'Operations' day.  That year they didn't have any steam engines operational, so they

were running a Goose on their trackage. WE may not have run more than a quarter mile on their tracks, but by the end I was shaken,

not stirred.  I never replaced that driver, even though it didn't shake the model as much as the real thing.

ken clark

ken clark
HO and Sn42

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