Re: Backwards Bachmann 2-8-0

Victor Bitleris

Not sure if this was asked.  Is it DC or DCC.  If DCC, could be the decoder.  If DC, then it could be the silly little board in the tender. 

If DC, you could test by running some alligator clip wires directly to the motor and see if that is ok.  I don't like taking the shell off, so if you can isolate the wires to the motor via the plug, you can connect the pigtails to that directly and see if the thing runs in both directions.  I never heard of a motor that won't do it, but it could be a mechanical issue as well.  Isolating the loco from the silly little board in the tender may help to isolate the problem.

Here is a web site that shows some good info on the loco.

Here is a Youtube that may help you.

Regards, Vic Bitleris Raleigh, NC

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Stops, doesn't run.

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Reverse as in tender first 
So, what happens when you switch direction on your controller? Does the locomotive stop or does it continue running in reverse?

Wayne Long

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