Upgrading the old HO Gilbert NYC Hudson - The start


  My project for this month is working on upgrading an old loco from my youth.  My father built our first layout on a 5x9 sheet of plywood (ping pong table sheet)
and it had two levels.  Initially we used two old HO Varney 0-4-0s he acquired used, and ran  the snot out of them.  The Hudson was a Christmas present and represented the first
"big power" on the HO pike.  We had just torn down our American Flyer layout and I must have missed the smoke and chuff of the Flyer locos.  The Hudson had both those features
and a 7-15volt DC motor.  Somewhere along the line it got a new motor and a Daylight paint job.  Then I found another one on eBay, it looked to be in good shape with the original motor.

Last month I found a source for some compact yet powerful six pole motors to replace the OEM motor which was failing.
The first hurdle was removing the worm which had been soldered to the motor shaft.  I had to use resistance soldering tweezers
to heat the motor shaft enough to remove the worm.  Now to make a bushing to  adapt the 2mm motor shaft to the 2.4mm ID of the worm.
The next post will illustrate how that went.

ken clark

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