Re: Decision Time For HO Steam - Poll

Ken Clark

So far 4 list members have voted to move the list, out of the 4 who voted.
Less than 1% of the members, maybe the messages aren't getting to all members
and no one has complained.

Since it costs nothing for a free list, I created HO-Steam as the 
destination list on

The next step is to invite the transfer agent to join HOSteam@YG
list.  When this was attempted, YG issued an error code.  YG appears to be doing this for 
attempts at inviting
The result has been hundreds of duplicate invitations flooding insist to ignore the error message and be patient.  It has been two days and the invitation
has not been accepted; there may be more problems with group transfers than have been discussed.
This is preliminary setup work that must be done before a request to transfer (copy) the list
database to can be sent.  If cannot become a member, then other 
options for the future of the group will need to be discussed.

ken clark

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