Decision Time For HO Steam - Poll

Ken Clark


  I have been list owner for over ten years, during that time discussions have slowly dies off or moved to other groups like DCC or Repowering or RR specific.  Below are the yearly message counts for this list:

2018  -1

2017  -13

2016  -22

2015  -29

2014  -19

2013  -85

2012  -62

2011  -105

2010  -82

I am list owner/moderator for two YahooGroups lists.  I moved the other larger and more active list (RepowerAndRegear) to last month.  There was widespread concern over the failing YG lists file structure and management functions.  Owners and members would be locked out of photos, files, messages, and memberships for up to a week or more.  I joined the GroupManagers Forum on YahooGroups and can report there is no commitment to YG lists future,only that there will be a notice prior to shut down.  Moving the list when YG implodes will not be possible.  So far we are enjoying our new home on

Now is the time to discuss the future of this group of over 500 members.  I can easily (at the moment) move the list to, the message archives, files and photos will be copied over there.  All members of this YG list will become members of the new list; members will have to do nothing receive e-mails.  The only thing that will not be copied is your Yahoo password; to access the website you will need a password.  There is only one password for all lists; if you already have one from another list membership, you are good to go.  Otherwise follow the instructions to create a new password.

Please consider the choices of this poll.  There are other location choices like Facebook Groups and Google Groups that are not listed, because I wouldn't move the list there; it would have to be done by a new owner.

About every two weeks YG lists suffer another file/database shutdown; it's very noticeable on very active lists.

IT's Decision Time...

ken clark

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