Thanksgiving reflection

Ken Clark

   For many of us is also the annual family reunion.  You can celebrate the memories from 
the past and reflect on what they taught you.  In my case I just accepted the fact
that each Thanksgiving we were at my mother's parents house and then the following
Saturday we had a Clark family reunion with my dad's parents.  For many years I just 
accepted the fact that we did a lot of driving, taking two Thanksgiving trips.
   It was oh so many years later that I realized the genius in that Clark family tradition.
All the Clark siblings had Thanksgiving with their spouses family and then had a
Thanksgiving weekend reunion with their parents.  By deferring to Saturday
we had two periods of Thanksgiving; we were luckier than most, even if some of us 
never realized it at the time.

Kenneth R. Clark
Chula Vista, CA 

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