SPH&TS Convention booth

Ken Clark

This week I will have a booth (two tables) in the Vendors room during the SPH&TS convention Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.
I will be offering free evaluation of your DC scale models, diagnosing mechanical issues and advising on repair or upgrade options.
In addition if you have a DC motor in your parts box that you would like to know what it's 12 volt no load RPM is.  I will have a tachometer
with me and can provide you with 12 volt no load RPMs and current draw.

There may be other vendors selling model locomotives, I will have an 8 foot test track available to test HO/HOn3 models that you find for sale.

If you are planning to bring a model for testing drop me an e-mail (ken@...) so I can schedule your testing to guarantee a time slot.

Kenneth R. Clark
P.O. Box 212454
Chula Vista, CA 91921

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