Re: [psrsandiego] OT- Thank You; Was: Assault? on my domain name

Ken Clark

Thank you to all who responded so quickly and in several cases in great detail.
Thank you to those who did in depth research and kept it off the group bandwith by directly replying to my e-mail address.
I apologize for not asking for replies to be sent to me directly.
The number of members responding quickly went to double digits despite the late hour in some parts of the world.
The assistance provided will allow me to address the situation.
Thanks again to all who provided such quick support

And to any moderators who I have agitated with this off-topic request for advice in disregard of your forum rules;
my only excuse is that I was confident the YahooGroups members would be able to provide assistance, which 
they did in a timely fashion.  That confidence caused me to violate some posting protocols in my haste to reach a
solution; as a YahooGroups moderator I set a poor example.

Kenneth R. Clark
P.O. Box 212454
Chula Vista, CA 91921

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