Assault? on my domain name

Ken Clark

  Excuse this post on multiple forums.  For several years I have been hosting repowering guides and part of my Shasta Springs pictorial collection on my
domain name  Shasta Springs was a resort on the Southern Pacific  RR North (RR East) of Dunsmuir, California.   The Shasta Water 
company bottled the spring water shipping it along the West Coast; eventually becoming the Shasta Beverage company withthe memorable slogan "It Hasta Be Shasta".
In 1952 the resort at Shasta Springs was sold to the St. Germaine Foundation and since then has been closed to the public.  In recent years the spring water from 
Mt. Shasta has become sought after for bottled water suppliers.  I have no personal connection with the the St. Germaine Foundation or the bottling companies in 
the Mt. Shasta area.  The only business connection with my domain is listing models I have for sale.  In the corporate scale of things, very small potatoes.

   Today I received an e-mail, Notice for "shastasprings, from a Service Company which is the domain name registration center in China ( notifying me 
that the domain shastasprings is being registered in Asia and China by Huabao Ltd  of Shanghai.  Huabao Ltd is a world wide company with regional offices in the USA, 
Germany, Korea, and Africa.  The Notice asks me to "confirm whether this company is my distributor or business partner in China or not?

  My first inclination is caution; I don't want to lose my domain name with the wrong answer.  I have no affiliation with Huabao which in engaged in the R&D, production 
and sales of flavors and fragrances world wide.  Spring water from Mt. Shasta has recently been bottled by Dannon, CocaCola, Nestle and recently by Crystal Geyser, 
a California-based subsidiary of Japan's Otsuka Holdings.  I am not in the same corporate power class as these multi-nationals.  It seems that my domain name may
be a pawn in a multi-national marketing war and may have suddenly become more valuable.  Or I could  be a target of foreign hackers embedding ransomeware in e-mails.
Unlike e-mails from Nigeria all the links appear to be valid websites of international companies.

Thoughts on what to do?

Kenneth R. Clark
P.O. Box 212454
Chula Vista, CA 91921

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