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Thanks for your comments.
I favor Campbell's kits for structures. And I do plan on building some Labelle cars.
I had a good collection on Labelle cars in the stuff I sold 15 years ago. I did like them. I was surprised they are still in business. But I get the impression it is with a new owner.
I use the Roundhouse Old Time locomotives and the 36' trussrod cars to simulate narrow gauge type stuff but on normal HO track.
I did get the wood for the module today and will try and start on it this weekend.
But the local hobby shops don't stock much I am interested in. I'll have to buy most of my supplies on-line.
Bob Macklin
Seattle, Wa

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With your smaller area you miight want to look at Quallity over quantity. Look at some of the resin kits available 


Amesville shops

Funaro and Camerlengo

plus laser kits or even older kits like Labelle.

Ken Martin

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