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Robert Deffinger

The old Roundhouse items that Athearns is making are all ready to run.  No more kits.
You could make a layout that folds up out of the way or that slides under a bed.
Small switching layouts are fun too and you can spend more time detailing them.
Bob D.

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Hi Kenneth,
I did find out that Athern now owns Roundhouse but they appear to not be producing any Roundhouse products.
I live in a SMALL retirement closet so I am going to be limited to a small switching module.
When I moved to Seattle 15 years ago I sold my 40 year accumulation of HO stuff. 1700 items for $25K over a 5 year period. Now I wish I had some of it.
Bob Macklin
Seattle, Wa.

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  A lot of people start over in the hobby, by changing gauge and/or scale, and never leave the hobby.  Since you left there has been renewed interest in On30, O narrow gauge on HO track.
Some very nice models have been produced as On3/On30  models with interchangeable wheelsets.  The biggest change is the overwhelming sift from kits to factory completed, ready to run
models.  Model Die Casting (Roundhouse) is part of Athearn now.  Check the Athearn website ( for Roundhouse items.


Kenneth R. Clark


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