Re: [HOsteam] Was the First Train you bought HO?


I had a Lionel set, gotten as a Xmas present when I was 8 (an uncatalogued Sears set with a 614 Alaska switcher with 'cold war' Pyro trucks on flats and a missle launcher and exploding box car and a generic LIonel lines caboose), but several years later I decided to make the move to HO and plotted my course of action.  I saved some money, ten dollars maybe??  (took some doing and a bit of time with needing fixes of candy and comics and MR magazines)  and finally ordered some bits from AHC in NYC from one of their monthly ads in MR.....a $3.99 Athearn HiFi diesel (I picked ATSF passenger warbonnet) think other choices were Pennsy or CBQ?  and several $ .99 freight cars, you could only pick car type, think ended up with Varney EJE gondola, Varney OB box car, an Athearn 40' flat, and a Marx NYC work caboose (a bit disappointed with that one)and maybe one or two more for my ten dollar or so investment ....however it took several months to get one of my older sisters to take me into the 'city' to a hobby shop to buy a box of 18" radius snap track and a MRC power pack, and then getting my dad to make an under the bed train table....

been in business ever since, one way or another


Chris Morey

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