Re: [HOsteam] Was the First Train you bought HO?

George William \(Bill\) Newport <gwnewport2@...>

first train,
027 Lionel three rail,
lay a piece of plywood across the rafters in the attic,
put down track,
add switches,
inner and outer loop,
two steam locomotives,
one die-sel electric,
a couple dozen cars,
caboose has inside light,
more plywood,
more track,
bigger train transformer,
the street lights will dim when I move both reostat controls open,
bank the curves,
just call me Mister Casey sir

Life consists of:
What you want.
What you need.
What you deserve.
What you end up with.
What you do with what you get.
In Ghod We Trust.

On Friday, December 27, 2013 6:17 PM, Kenneth Rickman wrote:

The first train items I bought with my own money were cars and track for my Lionel O27 set.  I would collect cans along the road and turn them in to earn money to buy an Amtrak ticket from Picayune, MS to Laurel, MS, where we would walk to a hobby shop in town, shop and drool, and eventually catch the train back home.  Some years later I purchased my first HO train set, an IHC set with an SD40 and a few cars, while visiting my grandmother in Joplin, MO.  After that, I would take the train to Laurel to buy HO scale stuff, though I have to say it never had the same magic the O27 stuff did.  Over the years, I discovered different scales and especially narrow gauge, but I'm still primarily modeling standard gauge HO.

Ken Rickman

On 12/27/2013 2:54 PM, Kenneth Clark wrote:
But when you brought your hard saved money to the hobby shop to BUY your first train, was it HO?
Kenneth Rickman
Salisbury, NC

One thing about trains: It doesn't matter where they're going.  What matters is deciding to get on.

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