Re: [HOsteam] Was the First Train you bought HO?

mike rosz

mine was too  the pensy freight.

On Friday, December 27, 2013 1:54 PM, Kenneth Clark wrote:
Several of us have indicated we received Christmas trains that jumped started the hobby; in my case that train was American Flyer.

But when you brought your hard saved money to the hobby shop to BUY your first train, was it HO?

I remember saving my meager allowance to buy Athearn metal cars in HO.  It took a few years but eventually I bought a Mantua
2-8-2 kit that I carefully assembled (it still runs).  Before then I operated a couple of old Varney switchers that my dad had 
acquired second hand and lettered for his RR, The North Central.  I also received a Gilbert Hudson for Christmas about that time,
and then a Globe gear drive ATSF F-7, which ended my HO locomotive purchases for several years.  AS a teenager I discovered
narrow gauge and acquired a couple of small Kidder HOn3 locos.  In college I acquired my first  'quality' HO brass engine, a 
WSM Heisler # 3 with HO and HOn3 trucks.  Now I find myself buying 'experienced' locomotives that I couldn't afford back then;
still that brass display case at Franciscan Hobbies should have my nose print etched in the glass....                                

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